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Services Offered

Custom website design, brochures, business cards,
letterheads, logos, advertising, menus, signs, and more.


Recent Websites

At Your Service, LLC (Carey Scarborough) - Personal Assistant & Concierge - Santa Fe, NM

Jamie Kirkland - Fine Art - Recent Redesign

Connie Borup - Fine Art - Recent Redesign

Camden Bennett - DreamWest Photography- Recent Redesign

Katrina Berg - Fine Art

Cristall Harper - Fine Art

Pia Ledy - Fine Art

Mountain Trails Gallery - Park City, UT

Mountain Trails Gallery - Jackson, WY

Habitat for Humanity - Wasatch & Summit Counties, Park City, UT

National Association for Child Development (NACD)


Other Current Web Clients

Brandon Cook - Fine Art

Erin Westenskow Berrett - Fine Art

Maya Chachava - Fine Art

Dr. Jeff Santilli - Dentist - Gahanna, OH

Kimbal Warren - Fine Art

Cara Koolmees - Fine Art

Dave Hall Landscapes - Fine Art

Nancy Green - Fine Art

Curtis Olson - Fine Art

Diehl Gallery - Jackson, WY

Jennifer Life - Fine Art

New Traditions Art Panels - Plein Air Art Panels


Print Ads Featured in Recent Publications of:

Western Interiors & Design Magazine
American Art Collector
Park City Magazine
Salt Lake Magazine
Utah Style & Design
Southwest Art Magazine
Wasatch Journal
Aspen Magazine
Park Record
Spectrum Magazine
Ogden Standard Examiner
Salt Lake Tribune
Delta Skywest Magazine
Aspergers/Autism Digest


Contact Information

John McCallum Design

P.O. Box 581
Ogden, UT 84402

Phone: 801.643.2492
Email: john@mccallumdesign.com

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